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About the farm

What started out as a routine Sunday drive in August of 2007, became, before the afternoon was over, a life-changing discovery. Up the tree-lined driveway, a century-old, siding-cladded house, a barn and a whole lot of fields and trees somehow cast a hypnotic spell which wasn’t to be broken. Thirty days later we were standing there, listening to the deep silence, turning slowly on our empty fields before the encroaching forest, with one haunting thought: “Now what?”

They say you can’t succeed without failures. If this is true, we should be famous. However, success isn’t measured solely by bigger yields and machinery that never breaks down. Perhaps it’s the shear contentment of waking up each morning fully accepting that every organism outside at this bucolic setting is poised, lying in waiting, to reverse, impede, and confound whatever you might have envisaged the day before. You just gotta love it.

You never know where a Sunday drive will take you. For Bill Rowe and Jackie Jarvis, it's ended in fields of lavender and hops and organic vegetables in Cambridge Narrows! The two investment advisors found themselves building what's now known as Lavenhop Farm. Bill Rowe talks about the massive undertaking.

LavenHop has fresh cut flower bouquets. Lavender, Peonies and more!

Our Farm in Photos

It's hard to capture the beauty you need to see it for yourself.

August 12 – 13

Life at the Lakes Festival 2023

We release the Monarch Butterflies to the delight of our visitors (and ours too)! Visit the Life at the Lakes Festival page for more information.

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