Does Lavender Keep the Bugs Away?

Does Lavender Keep the Bugs Away?

When two prisoners of war escaped from the only internment camp in the Maritimes in May of 1943, the authorities weren’t overly concerned, The facility, located in ripples New Brunswick, was strategically located in the middle of nowhere and apart from the dead of winter, the timing of the hiatus couldn’t have been worse. Few people from “Away” would know about wet spruce and bog  country…in May! Suffice it to say that within a couple of days they asked to be re-integrated, and were indulged without consequence. The blackflies had been punishment enough.

The very fact that settlers over the centuries actually stayed is surprising. As second thoughts began to fester, the ships had already left and, after a few years, the Spring onslaught became simply a fact of Canada.

One thing that doesn’t abate is the intensity of the attack. There are black flies up the sleeves, the pants, in the eyes and ears, and even inhaled. They’re at the neckline, the sock line, the wrists, the palms of your hands, and under your hat. Your hands are full and your skin is crawling , but you just have to take it. Afterall, they’re just doing their job, and all those red dots will fade away.

People are always asking with such hope in their eyes, ” Does lavender keep the bugs away?” Well…whether we’re weeding the lavender or cutting it, we’re still eaten alive. So…no, but wind does!

I just got bitten by a deer fly…ah, July.


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